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Contact Us:

Our investigation team greatly appreciate all the information being sent through to them by email & phone. It is vital in helping them to find Madeleine. Due to the large volume of information that they receive, they will only re-contact people if additional information is needed.
Please be assured that all information is looked at, evaluated and prioritised.
Thank you so much for your help.

Suspect Pictures

Have you seen these men? Do you know who they might be?

These 2 pictures above show a man carrying a child away from the family’s apartment. This sighting was seen by a witness at 21:15 on the evening of Thursday May 3rd 2007.


The picture shows a man that was seen several times by different witnesses during the days leading up to Madeleine’s abduction on May 3rd 2007. He was described as ugly with pock-marked skin and was said to be watching the family’s apartment intently.

If either of these men appear familiar to you in some way, please contact our investigation team as soon as possible

Crimewatch Style Reconstructions

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Do you have any information that could help our search for Madeleine? Did you see or hear something around the time of Madeleine's disappearance (3rd May 2007) that aroused your suspicions or seemed out of place? Did anyone tell you something which may be relevant to Madeleine's disappearance? Did somebody you know of suddenly leave the area soon after Madeleine's disappearance?
Please, if you have any information which may help us with our search, come forward and tell us. All information will be handled with the strictest confidence. If you would prefer to stay anonymous, please see our 'Anonymous' section below. Thank you for your help.

Investigation Line+44 845 838 4699

Campaign queries:


Please contact our Campaign team if you have any suggestions or ideas as to how we could improve our campaign to find Madeleine, or if you have any offers of help which may raise awareness for Madeleine.

Anonymous Information:

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If you have any information at all which may help us to find Madeleine or uncover the truth of her disappearance but would prefer to stay anonymous, please let us know by entering your information in the box opposite.

This is a completely anonymous process and we will not capture any information regarding your details or contact you.

Thank you in advance.

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